FAFSA 2024更新

由于FAFSA程序在全国范围内的延迟, all new and returning students will receive their financial aid awards later than usual this year. FAFSA 2024常见问题

Loyola has extended the enrollment deposit deadline for incoming first-year students to June 1, 2024. 阅读全文



Loyola's Jesuit education is a premium college experience that combines reflection and action; thinking about what is just and using each individual's talents to improve the world. Our graduates are part of a global network of more than a million Jesuit alumni and are ready for fulfilling lives of leadership and service.

Loyola is a place where academically talented students thrive. It ranks as one of the nation's top Fulbright producers and among the best regional universities in the South. Students across all academic programs -- from scientists to musicians to entrepreneurs to lawyers -- use their talents to improve people's lives, 本地和全球.

Loyola 新奥尔良 is highly recognized for its culturally diverse and welcoming community—and we hope that you will join us soon.

你的家人加入我们了吗 洛依诺家族门户网站. Learn more about Loyola and join communities that are important to you and your family. Personalize information that caters to you and your family's interests, and interact with other families going through the college search process.


  • 免费完成Loyola的任务 在线申请 或者是 常见的应用程序
    • 取一个 测试 to help discover possible majors to declare on your application (optional).
  • Submit official original secondary school transcripts.
    • 所有的成绩单  英语水平必须被评估. SPANTRAN 是推荐的服务吗?. An official course-by-course evaluation must be included.

  • 审查AP, IB和其他学分指南
    • Students who complete the 国际 Baccalaureate Diploma 程序 are eligible to receive up to 30 credits at 易胜博, 哪一个相当于一整年的学习, 或者大二的状态.

  • Submit official TOEFL, 雅思考试, Duolingo English Test (依据), SAT**, or ACT** scores
  • 提交一封推荐信
  • If an international applicant is admitted and chooses to enroll, an 经济支持宣誓书 and copy of passport will be required for next steps in the enrollment and visa-issuing processes with the 国际教育中心. 

    Please 不e: The affidavit and passport is 不 required in order to complete an international application.

**而洛约拉是一个 盲测机构, students may still choose to use the SAT or ACT exam to satisfy their English Proficiency requirement.

For any questions about the application process or Loyola, please contact your 招生顾问


所有音乐专业, 剧院, 设计, 视觉艺术, music industry studies and digital film should reference 试镜和面试要求.  请与您的 招生顾问 with any questions about auditions, campus visits or your application.


程序 托福网考 雅思考试 依据 以上
去承认 79岁及以上 6.5岁及以上 105及以上 C1, C2
试点项目 61 - 78 5.5 - 6.0 90-100 B2
创新有条件录取 低于61 低于5.5 低于90 N/A



Whether you are coming to Loyola for a degree or just one semester, we will help you make the most of your experience at Loyola, 美丽的新奥尔良市, 和美国.S.

The staff of the 国际教育中心 (CIE) is here to help you and provides the following programs and services specifically 设计ed f或者是 international student:


  • Assistance with all immigration matters, including the Visa application process
  • Advising on cultural, linguistic, academic, financial, immigration, or personal questions
  • Administration of health insurance for international students
  • Organizing international festivals, cultural activities, and excursions to tourist sites


Loyola offers conditional admission to international students who are academically admissible to the university but fall below the minimum English proficiency requirements.


The 试点项目 is 设计ed as a hybrid schedule of intensive English coursework and academic credit classes for students whose TOEFL/雅思考试/以上/Duolingo scores fall below the minimum needed for full degree- seeking admission but who otherwise have a strong academic record, 表现出强有力的领导能力, and demonstrated a high level of commitment through service. 将被考虑纳入试点计划, Loyola requires the following minimum scores on  the TOEFL, 雅思考试, 以上, or Duolingo examinations in addition to a competitive academic record and the required 支持宣誓书. 所有学分均适用于学位.







Students who are interested in attending Loyola to study English as their second language may be qualified for our Loyola Intensive English 程序 (创新).

Conditional Admission to Loyola's Intensive English 程序 (创新)

创新 is Loyola’s Intensive English 程序 and is 设计ed for students who must improve their language skills in order to gain admission into the 试点项目 或者是 full degree- seeking program. 创新 currently offers intermediate and advanced level intensive English courses. 可考虑申请有条件录取, 洛约拉大学要求学生参加托福考试, 雅思考试, or Duolingo examination in addition to having a competitive academic record and the required 支持宣誓书. 一旦学生完成课程, the 创新 Director will provide a recommendation to the 招生 Committee for admission into the most appropriate program. 更多关于创新的信息 可以在这里找到.


雅思考试: 5岁以下.5